Hi, I'm Heather Jorgensen - an Austin-based wedding photographer. I absolutely love what I do and I'm so grateful to be able to work with amazing couples all across the country on such an important day. Feel free to leave me a comment if you like what you see and thanks for visiting!

November 12, 2008 // Updates
Hello and welcome to Heather Jorgensen's new website. This site is currently under construction and should be finished soon. In the mean time, you may visit Heather's blog here: http://heatherjorgensen.blogspot.com or read up on the latest news here: http://twitter.com/HeatherPhoto.

If you're interested in a complimentary consultation, please feel free to contact her at 512.373.8308 or by email at info@heatherjorgensen.com.

Thank you visiting us and come back soon!


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Troy Schneider:

Hey Heather--
The site looks great! Merry Christmas to you and Jeremy.


(12.13.08 @ 02:09 PM)