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June 17, 2009 //
It's been a while since I last blogged here. So much has been happening and I admit that the blog fell behind. But guess what? We have a new name! *drum roll* Welcome to June Blossom Photography! Jeremy is now shooting full time with me and having a business with just my name didn't seem right ^_^ So out with the old and in with the June!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us and our past blogs over the years. We love you and hope you'll visit our new blogsite for June Blossom. Please make sure to change your bookmarks to the new address.

http://www.juneblossomphotography - has a link to our portfolio show and to our blog page -->
http://blog.juneblossomphotography.com. Of course, that could change so make sure to check back and see what we're up to next!

Much love and thanks!
February 14, 2009 // Personal / Updates
I've been lacking in blog posts lately. Rest assured, I'm still here and shooting. ^_^ In honor of the day of love, what better way to show someone you love them then with ... a diamond? Nope. Flowers? Nope. Fuzzy Bear! Maybe. But how about a dozen Butter Cream + Chocolate Cupcakes! Oh yes please!

I happened upon L's Cupcake Cafe while in need of some last-minute Valentine treats. I picked up the phone knowing that I was asking the impossible - a same-day order before Valentines? But I kept my fingers crossed. Laura, the cafe's owner kindly assured me that it was possible and that they would be ready in time!  Promptly at 1 o'clock, she knocked on my door with a pretty pink box in hand! Wow! Thanks Laura!

If you live in the Austin area, you must try L's cupcakes! If these pictures don't tempt you, I don't know what will! You can find out more about Laura and her cupcakes here.

I'm excited about 2009. More weddings for this year plus I finally got my first Holga over Christmas. I'm looking forward to re-discovering the joys of film with some personal projects. I'd also like to wish all of my fellow photographers a wonderful time at this year's WPPI. I didn't make it out there but I'm living vicariously through all of your twitters and blog posts ^.^ ha! Viva Las Vegas! ^_~

This weekend, I hope you enjoy this celebration of love with someone dear to you. <3



December 11, 2008 // Personal
Christmas is my favorite time of the year - hands down. Cool weather means hot cocoa, right? But what I really look forward to is: 1. The Christmas Tree and 2. Decorating it with lots of the rainbow-colored lights! What can I say? I love sparkly things - oh and that fresh pine scent!

Last Sunday, Jeremy and I headed out to find our perfect Christmas tree. I was so excited!  It may have been just below short sleeve temperature here but you better believe I had on my thick snowflake sweater and candy-striped socks! I ducked a little in the car as we drove passed people wearing shorts. "Jeremy, do I look funny wearing a sweater?" He quietly replied with one of his 'you're dorky but you're cute and I love you" looks.

We drove over to a nearby tree lot (which I will not name here) and quickly paced the aisles of dust and pine. After a few minutes, we looked at each other and knew our tree wasn't here. Then I remembered a nursery we had passed by. So we hoped back into our car and tried our luck at tree spot #2.

Jackpot! Can I just say, if you live in the South Austin area and haven't found your tree yet - Wyatt's Nursery on Hwy 290 is THE place to go! Don't even bother going anywhere else. Every tree there was beautiful, green, and well-watered. That's an important thing to look for when finding a tree. I talked a bit with the people there, saying how much better their trees looked than the last place. It was certainly an eye-opening conversation about Christmas tree dos and donts. Let's just say Wyatt's knows how to treat their trees. They also replace the stand when you bring it back next year for free. I'm all for environmentally-friendly and free. And best yet, if you're too busy to hunt for a tree yourself, they'll deliver. Now there's no excuse for anyone NOT to have a beautiful tree in South Austin for Christmas!

Ok, back to our tree hunt. I had my eye on several top contenders. I paced back and forth between them nervously. The lady watching us asked if I needed any help. "No," I said. "I'm just indecisive". When I go to find a tree, I look for the one with the least things wrong with it. Not too skinny. Not too fat. Not too bushy. Not too bent. And the bald spot can't be too noticeable. These trees? The majority could all be winners in my book. In the end, I couldn't make up my mind. So Jeremy picked for me and into the car our perfect tree went.

Oh yeah, check out the cool chile string I picked up with the tree. I've seen these all over the southwest in the past - mostly like New Mexico and Arizona. Maybe I'm proving just how much of a non-texan I am, but I was like "Oh! Jeremy! Look!" Then I decided to pose with it.  So this year we're having a southwest Texas Christmas - with my chile string.

Our tree arrived home with a little muscle form the hubby. Then I set about decorating it. I must say, our tree is so darn cute. Not too big but not bush-size. =)

One thing I did forget was candy canes! Those will be added soon. But even without them, it feels like the Holidays have finally arrived. As I'm finishing up last minute orders for my clients this week, I find myself staring at my tree and loving all of the rainbow-colored lights twinkling at me. Oh, how I live Christmas!!

Just a note -  I will be closing the office for the Holidays next Friday (the 19th) until January 5th to enjoy some time with my family. If you need to contact me or place an order, please do so before then or I will be happy to talk with you when I reopen in 2009.

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays! (and Happy Tree-Hunting too!)


Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving. While I awoke way too early today, I saw this offer and wanted to share it with you. If you click on this link, you can download free - for the next 48 hours - 8 holiday songs from some of the greatest names in the music industry! How cool is that? I'm loving the Harry Connick, Jr. track. There's also songs from Amy Grant, Il Divo, Tony Bennett, Faith Hill, Brian McKnight, and Aretha Franklin.

I will be officially closed today as Jeremy and I attempt to cook our first real turkey. But never fear - we bought the one with its own 1 800 help hot line. I will be back in the office on Monday to answer emails and phone messages.

Happy Turkey Day!

November 18, 2008 // Updates

If the Christmas candy being sold during Halloween didn't clue me in then yesterday's trip to the deli counter - decked out in colorful lights and a menagerie of ornaments - made it quite clear. The Holiday Season is here!

Now is the time to get your Holiday shopping done and that includes your print and card orders. December 1st is the last day to place your order with guaranteed delivery on or before December 24th.

If you're interested in a portrait session for the Holidays, please call or email me soon. I have a few openings left for this year and I'm recommending that sessions be done within the next two weeks. That way, you'll have a chance to order before the deadline.


If you're wondering what our card designs look like this year, here are a few examples. Each card is 5x7 and customized with your wedding or session images either on the front cover or the inside spread.


You can place your card order by clicking here. Since each card is custom designed, please allow additional time to receive your cards for the Holiday Season.



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